What You Should Know About US-North Korea Relations [Interview]

Will Griffin sits down to interview a contributor from ZoominKorea, an online resource that progressive minded individuals and groups interested in Korean issues as well as other U.S.-based media can access for timely updates on major news stories related to Korea. Hyun Lee just recently returned from a trip to South Korea where she organized a delegation for Jesse Jackson to speak with South Korea’s government representatives and across the country to promote peace on the peninsula. She has extensive knowledge on Korean history and current issues in the region. In this interview, Hyun breaks down current US-DPRK relations and explains what needs to be done to move forward on a path to peace on the Korean Peninsula.


In the interview, she breaks down the following:
00:23 How has North Korea leveraged its status as a nuclear power?
02:28 Did the candlelight vigils have any impacts on this change?
03:35 What is the significance of the recent resolution published in April by the North Korean Workers Party?
11:39 What is “irreversibility” and what would that look like?
17:34 The Korean War is the reason why the U.S. has such a large presence in the region. If the war ends, would the U.S. have to come up with a new reason to be there?
25:20 What is the future of Korea’s role in the region?



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