The Militarization of Xmas, How NORAD track Santa every year.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, everyone’s favorite scientist isn’t so great on imperialism.

How politicians from both parties are robbing us blind.

Are we addressing climate change the wrong way? Mega-regions are key targets not mentioned in IPCC reports, maybe they should be.

An Air Force National Guard base in Pennsylvania is used to fly drones over Afghanistan.

Trump’s Space Force might be a joke, but it’s serious business for the elites.

The Pentagon funded a study that predicts the U.S. will not be a superpower in the near future.

The heist that exposed COINTELPRO, a secret FBI program that targeted black communities across America.

AFRICOM, the U.S. combatant command explained since its birth in 2008.

An essay by Emma Goldman, Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty.

What does the American Empire look like?

Bruce Gagnon, an anti-war activist and his inspiration work over the decades.

What happens when two Iraq War veterans open up their own organizing hub?

THAAD, a missile “defense” system, deployed to South Korea and how it won’t protect anyone.

The statistics behind veteran suicides explained in detail.

Huntsville, AL the home of missile “defense”.

Veterans For Peace supports the resistance to U.S. military bases on Okinawa.

The weapons manufacturer General Dynamics living off of corporate welfare in Maine.

5 weapons manufacturers not well-known and should be boycotted.

What is war and what does it mean to go to war?

The largest corporations in the world that profit from war.

Simple. How war is funded.

The real military budget is over a trillion dollars a year.

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