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I’ve officially launched a Patreon page for The Peace Report.

If you are unfamiliar with Patreon, its just a way of supporting The Peace Report’s work. TPR makes videos, writes articles, and provide resources for the antiwar voice. In order to sustain ourselves in empowering the antiwar voice, it is imperative that we support each other. The Peace Report refuses to use traditional methods of using advertisements or any other form of wage slavery. We want to be completely independent so we can properly represent the antiwar voice.

You can sign up on Patreon and support TPR for as little as one dollar, or even more. Please sign up for whatever level is comfortable for you. This is help TPR make more videos, more articles, and expand to other platforms like podcasts and so on. If Patreon is too much, we just ask that you follow, subscribe, or share our published work.