Interview with Iraq Veteran and co-host of Fortress on a Hill podcast

Will Griffin spoke with Iraq Veteran Chris ‘Henri’ Henrikson who co-hosts the podcast Fortress on a Hill (FOH). The podcast is focused on military and veteran news from an historical and anti-war point of view. Chris hosts the podcast with Major Danny Sjursen, who is currently in the military as an active duty officer.

Chris spoke about his military background, the origins of the FOH podcast, how his views about the military changed, and which sources of news he gets his information from. At the very end, I asked him how he would respond with someone was thinking about joining the military, but you’ll have to watch to hear his answer!

Here’s a short cut to his answers to each question:

1:14 Chris’ introduction
4:00 What is Fortress on a Hill Podcast?
10:24 How have your views towards the military changed?
23:44 Which news sources, outside of MSM, do you get your info?
33:20 How would you respond to someone who wants to join the military?

Chris Henrikson:

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