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The Peace Report (TPR) is an online educational resource for everyone. TPR focuses on US militarism and its impacts at home and around the world. Since the US is the current empire, its footprint impacts every nation in the world. There is such a lack of coverage on issues of militarism, wars, conflict, and military spending in mainstream media outlets. TPR aims to fill that void by using social media platforms that are free to use so that any one can educate themselves on these issues. Another goal of TPR is to connect individuals and organizations to fight back against empire. If there is anything that history has taught us, it is that we cannot depend on others to fight for us. Fundamental change comes from within and from below. Change will come from the people, organizations, and movements, not corporations, politicians, or governments. Join The Peace Report so we can create a movement that will once and for all dismantle empire.

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The Peace Report has traveled the globe documenting issues of militarism:


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