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The Peace Report (TPR) was created to help educate the public about the problems surrounding militarism,¬†wars, conflicts, & the effects of military spending. We’ll use our website and social media platforms to get our content out to people, but you can also sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay tuned in.

TPR will utilize social media platforms and our website to educate the public on issues surrounding militarism, wars, conflicts, & the effects of military spending. TPR also aims in uniting antiwar organizations and the public to fight back against militarism.

TPR will also focus on economic, political, cultural, and environmental issues related to militarism because we recognize that all things are connected. In order to achieve real peace, we need a world that gives people access to resources, autonomy and freedom, a clean environment, and a fair and just economic and political system.

The Peace Report has traveled the globe documenting issues of militarism: