Who is The Peace Report?

The Peace Report is managed mostly by Will Griffin; a former US Army Paratrooper with two tours, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Will is now an anti-imperialist using his experience to educate the world on the true costs of militarism, capitalism and imperialism.

TPR does have contributors and welcomes anti-imperialists to contribute any content. We need more fuel for the revolutionary fire.

What does The Peace Report?

The Peace Report is an anti-imperialist multi-media outlet: videos, articles, podcasts, info-graphics, interviews and more. You can find us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram.

TPR doesn’t just cover the issues of the day but we provide a leftist lens in which we analyze issues around the world. The worldwide web is littered with news coverage but very little actually teach us how to analyze the world. That’s what we do here.

We view the world from a revolutionary communist lens that uses historical and dialectical materialism, which includes a class analysis and perspectives from the eyes of the colonized and oppressed. We lift up the most oppressed voices in society.

TPR is 100 percent funded by you. Please support us in providing high-quality content and educating the masses of people through an anti-imperialist lens.

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