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The Peace Report (TPR) was created to help educate the public about the problems surrounding militarism, wars, conflicts, & the effects of military spending. We’ll use our website and social media platforms to get our content out to people, but you can also sign up for our weekly newsletter which is only one email per week with all of TPR’s content that week.

. TPR will utilize social media platforms and our website to educate the public on issues surrounding militarism, wars, conflicts, & the effects of military spending. TPR also aims in uniting antiwar organizations and the public to fight back against militarism.

TPR will also focus on economic, political, cultural, and environmental issues related to militarism because we recognize that all things are connected. In order to achieve real peace, we need a world that gives people access to resources, autonomy and freedom, a clean environment, and a fair and just economic and political system.

TPR was created by Will Griffin, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran turned antiwar activist. Will began to notice the lack of coverage on issues related to militarism and how people aren’t connecting the dots of how the wars abroad ultimately bring the wars home. This can easily be seen through examples like the militarization of local police departments and our overall national security spending every year (trillion…). Check out Will on BBC and RT News.

TPR also has contributors from Matthew Hoh and Chris Smiley. Matthew is a former State Department official, former USMC Captain, and think-tank expert. You can learn more about him through this blog. Chris Smiley is a filmmaker who continually contributes to TPR’s film work. You can learn more about him through his website.

One difference between TPR and other independent news organizations is that we participate in the nonviolent resistance that we are covering. We don’t just sit behind a desk and read the news to you. We make the news.

So let’s begin your first lesson about US foreign policy:

The U.S Military has 800 bases around the world.

The U.S. Military has a budget of over $600 billion every year, but doesn’t include all “defense spending”. If it did include everything it totals at over a trillion dollars every year.

The Pentagon spends more on “defense” than the next 8 countries combined.

In 2016, the U.S. bombed 7 countries. Combined with NATO forces, its dropped over 26,000 bombs in one year.

Map from Dr. David Vine’s book, “Base Nation”. Source: http://www.basenation.us/maps.html


Chart from Peter G. Foundation (http://bit.ly/2ggWaEp)


Chart from Peter G. Foundation (http://bit.ly/2ggWaEp)


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