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The Peace Report is a veteran owned and operated online news source focusing on militarism: a predominance of the military class and/or its ideals.

TPR was created by Will Griffin, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran turned antiwar activist. Will began to notice the lack of coverage on issues related to militarism and how people aren’t connecting the dots of how the wars abroad ultimately bring the wars home. This can easily be seen through examples like the militarization of local police departments and our overall national security spending every year (trillion…). Check out Will on BBC and RT News.

TPR is also being managed by Chris Smiley, a filmmaker who continually contributes to TPR’s film work. You can learn more about him through his website.

One difference between TPR and other independent news organizations is that we participate in the resistance-to-militarism that we are covering. We don’t just sit behind a desk and read the news to you. We make the news.

So let’s begin your first lesson about US foreign policy:

The U.S Military has 800 bases around the world.

The U.S. Military has a budget of over $700 billion every year, but doesn’t include all “defense spending”. If it did include everything it totals at over a trillion dollars every year.

The Pentagon spends more on “defense” than the next 8 countries combined.

In 2015, the U.S. bombed 7 countries. Combined with NATO forces, it dropped over 23,171 bombs in one year
In 2016, the U.S. bombed 7 countries. Combined with NATO forces, it dropped over 26,000 bombs in one year.

SOURCE: Map from Dr. David Vine’s book, “Base Nation”


SOURCE: Chart from Peter G. Foundation


SOURCE: Chart from Peter G. Foundation

The “Pentagon Budget” doesn’t represent all of “defense-related spending”. If it did…

SOURCE: Bill Hartung, the director of the Arms and Security Project at CIP and a senior adviser to the center’s Security Assistance Monitor. (Pie chart is updated to 2017)


SOURCE: National Priorities Project


SOURCE: Council on Foreign Affairs, published by Statista



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Here is a longer biography of Will Griffin:
Will Griffin is a former U.S. Army paratrooper and veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He was in Iraq when President Bush announced the Surge in Iraq and he was in Afghanistan when President Obama announced the Surge in Afghanistan. Will is now an anti-war organizer, speaker, and filmmaker. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. Will represents Veterans For Peace on the steering committee of Stop THAAD in Korea. He is also the creator of The Peace Report, an online antiwar news source for peace and justice. The Peace Report received over 40 million views on social media in the first year of production.
Will was born on a U.S. military base in West Germany at the height of the Cold War. Later, he lived in South Korea, another country torn apart by conflict. After traveling his whole life from military base to military base, he joined the U.S. Army at 19 years of age in 2004. He later deployed to Iraq in 2006-07 and Afghanistan in 2009-10. Will separated from the army in 2010 to go to California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). He majored in Global Studies w/ an emphasis on U.S. Foreign Policy and International Conflict and Cooperation with a focus on the East-Asia Region. After graduating in 2014, Will began traveling on delegations with Veterans For Peace: South Korea, Okinawa, India, Nepal, Palestine, Standing Rock, and more. After documenting his travels, Will created The Peace Report in 2016 where he continues to make anti-war media content to educate the public on the true costs of war.

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