Former Military Intelligence Analyst Exposing American Fascists and Nazis

For over a year now we’ve seen rallies all over the country organized by white supremacists, fascists, and nazis. Many of the organizers of these fascist rallies are military veterans themselves. But not all military veterans agree with fascism or nazism. In the following interview, a former military intelligence analyst explains the tactics and strategies of American fascists and breaks down how they hide behind free speech, American flags, and prayer. I highly encourage you all to dedicate 27 minutes out of your schedule to watch and learn from the full interview below. His analysis of the United States today compared to pre-Nazi Germany is shockingly similar.

Please do not be turned off by the interviewee wearing a mask. He is only protecting his identity from the fascists as well as the surveillance apparatus that is so strong in the United States today. 

Here is a short 3 min preview:

Anti-Racist Veteran Fighting Fascism

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Posted by The Peace Report on Monday, August 27, 2018


Here is the full interview:

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