Former State Department Official Says ‘Afghanistan War is a Waste’

Matthew Hoh was the first State Department official to resign their post in protest against the Afghanistan War in 2009, the same year President Obama announced the Surge.

Nearly 10 years later, the war is still ongoing. The Afghanistan Surge announced by Obama in 2009 proved to be a failure and U.S. troops never pulled out of the country. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost to the war, a trillion dollars wasted, and the war is doubtlessly unwinnable.

Matthew Hoh says the war has been able to go on for 17 years because it was built on myths. He deconstructed these myths in his latest article published in Counterpunch titled, “Time for Peace in Afghanistan and an End to the Lies.” The following video series are a discussion about these myths. We talk about the current situation in Afghanistan today and the history of U.S. foreign policy being built on white supremacy which continues into the 21st century.

Fighting the Unwinnable War in Afghanistan

Myths of the Afghanistan War

How the U.S. Empowered Warlords in Afghanistan

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