San Antonio says #HandsOffVenezuela

Local organizations and activists from San Antonio, TX held an event to screen the film, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, followed by a panel of activists and organizers to speak about issues in Latin America and U.S. interventions.

With the situation in Venezuela descending from crisis to chaos it is imperative to learn about the “whys” and how it all started, especially since our country is playing a major role in the crisis. The seriousness of the unfolding right-wing coup attempt backed by the U.S. in Venezuela has the potential to turn into catastrophic violence for the Venezuelan people and destabilize the whole region.

Listen to San Antonio activists speak about why the U.S. is constantly conducting regime change and intervening in Latin American countries, how people transitioned from reactionary to radical, and making connections from various struggles in the Americas to Venezuela:

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