When the World Crumbles, I’ll Blame the Democrats

Clearly, the Republican party is one of the most dangerous organizations on this planet so I won’t need to convince any reasonable minded person of that argument. Yet, I see an American populace swept up in the Blue Wave in another attempt to reform the Democrat Party. But the Dems are the problem because they pacify the nation and we keep forgetting that they are capitalists. It is fundamental to understand that capitalists will never give up their power, especially through elections.

Like Gore Vital told us, this is the United States of Amnesia. President Barrack Obama was the first so-called progressive in the 21st century. The world became a more dangerous place because Americans convinced themselves that this false prophet would actually change the world for the better. The only thing Obama did was make imperialism a multicultural disgrace. The election of Obama pacified the nation to go home and pat themselves on the back, as if they actually did something to change the world. The anti-war movement literally died overnight, the wars expanded, drones killed more innocent people, more people were deported, climate change was never actually addressed, inequality increased, the police department became more militarized ultimately killing more innocent people and disproportionately people of color, and white liberals rid themselves of their white guilt in an attempt to feel as if racism was a thing of the past. Why are we trying to move in this same direction again?

Noam Chomsky has said, “The Republican Party is the most dangerous organization on this planet.” Well, I’d argue the Democrat Party is the most dangerous organization on this planet. At least when the Republicans are in charge, we know things need changing. More importantly, not only do the Democrats agree with the Republicans on every single major issue but they trick us into believing they are somehow different.  The Dems convince the nation to sit at home while they give false promises of hope and imitate themselves as changing the world for the better of humankind, as if there is any shred of evidence that the Democrat Party has ever made the lives of the working class any better. We need to wake up from our American Dream and confront the reality of the multiple existential crises we face today: ecological destruction, nuclear weapons, and inequality just to name a few.

Believing in the electoral process pacifies us. It forces us to wait every 2-4 years to take action. If you look at any report on climate change and ecological destruction, it is clear we do not have 2-4 years to wait for anything. Every year that passes, we dig ourselves a deeper grave. I’m sick and tired of listening to people promote electoral politics as our savior. Why don’t we just say what needs to be said, we need a fucking revolution to overthrow the ruling class and nothing less.

This country, the great United States of America, has always be dominated by the ruling class. It was never a democratic experiment. From the founding white-supremacist-elite-wealthy-powerful-slave-owning fathers to President Trump today, it is a government of, for, and by the ruling class. Now that the U.S. is a global empire, its failures to bring equity into the world will be the downfall for us all. One thing I would be happy about when the great ecological collapse comes: the ruling elite will die with us. They may survive a few years longer than us, but indeed their lives are in danger. After all, who will provide the labor for them to eat or fix their air conditioners? Certainly not them. They do not know how to actually do work in the real world. But they are excellent con artists to force the world to work for them.

This fake ass Blue Wave is corrupting our souls. Millions upon millions of dollars have been donated to their campaigns. That is exactly the same dollars we need in our communities, yet we dish out our hard-earned cash to these false prophets in hopes they will do work for us. The U.S. has tried to reform the Democrat Party for a century. Why are we still trying this failed strategy? Sure, maybe a few of these candidates speak about issues in the way we want to hear but on the fundamental issues, where our entire species depend, things are not going to be changed. The process itself is corrupt. The process of electoral politics is a game of the bourgeois. They control it: the process, the outcome, the whole shebang.

The U.S. is a dying empire and just like every dying empire the populace surround themselves with safe and secure worldviews, shielding themselves from the reality of the world. The American populace is the most ignorant peoples of the world: creating myths of American Exceptionalism, and safe-guarding their social constructs because the truth hurts them too much. As a result, Americans can’t relate to the rest of the world.

Americans don’t know which countries their tax dollars are bombing. Even if they did know the names of these countries, they can’t even point to these countries on a map. How does an American understand the problems of an Indian (Yes, India is a country. I know this might be confusing for some people due to America’s history of calling Native Americans ‘Indians’)? How would Americans understand the daily troubles of a Congolese woman? Or even a Mexican? Americans don’t even understand the issues that Americans deal with, like non-binary people, Americans of color, or the communities of Native Americans. Americans don’t even know what American Exceptionalism is although it has guided their entire lives.

Now if you’ve made it this far into my writing, you might be considering that I am being too confrontational. If so, you are the problem. We can’t sugarcoat this reality anymore. Americans need to wake up because when shit hits the fan, it’ll be too late. At least my conscious will be clear because I can look back 5-10 years from now and say I was screaming for change. I was screaming at both Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, white and black communities, and I will know that I was not silent. Just like Bishop Desmond Tutu said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” Well, I won’t be silent. I am not silent. And I will never be silent.

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