America’s Geopolitical Decline

The United States of America will no longer be a global superpower by the year 2030. The world knows it. Even the National Intelligence Council have predicted it. Alfred McCoy wrote an entire book on it.

In order to understand this trend, we must understand geopolitics as a main driver towards this new world upon us. The younger generations should know why they are suffering a wretched life with lower wages, less security, and a more difficult life than their parents. They should know why the U.S. will never leave Afghanistan, why their country spends so much on the military rather than their own well-being, and why it will be a more dangerous world.

Will Griffin of The Peace Report sits down with anti-war activist Mike Byrne who holds a graduate degree in Global Interactions from Cleveland State University to talk about America’s Geopolitical Decline, basing the discussion off the book from McCoy. If we are to understand more deeply why the U.S. maintains over 800 military bases in 80 countries, deploys missile systems to Eastern Europe and East Asia, and now even attacking China with trade wars and sanctioning Russia more aggressively, this conversation will help.