The History of U.S. Imperialism in Venezuela

Venezuela has been the recent target of U.S. imperialism, but the country has a long history of interventions, coup attempts, and meddling from the United States. A U.S.-backed coup was attempted on January 23rd, 2019. Although it initially failed, extreme far-right forces are still in full-swing to overthrow the current government in Venezuela. The aim of the coup was to overthrow the current democratically-elected president Nicolas Maduro. Washington wanted to put in place a member of Venezuela’s National Assembly Juan Guaido, a relatively unknown person in the country.

The Bolivarian Revolution, which began in 1999, is still ongoing. The struggle to capture Venezuela’s natural resources, such a oil, has been the main focal point. The Maduro government, who continue to carry on Hugo Chavez’s path to keep resources state-owned, is preventing Washington from privatizing the country. Juan Guaido has already publicly stated that, if in power, he would immediately privatize the country’s oil and request funds from the IMF. This is the classic playbook of U.S. imperialism.

The goal of Washington to put someone like Juan Guaido into power has been a decade-long project. He has been groomed to undermine Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution, to destabilize the country, and one day seize power to open up the country to Wallstreet. The only difference with Washington’s latest imperialist adventures is how blatant they are about it. After all, the U.S. has a long history of intervening in Latin America:

In The Peace Report’s latest interview, Will Griffin sits down with Paul Dobson from Venezuela Analysis to talk about the current struggle in the country. Paul gives us a very clear picture of the situation on the ground. He describes the forces on the left who support the Bolivarian Revolution and the Maduro government as well as the far-right forces from Washington, Venezuela, and Columbia who want to overthrow the government with coup attempts, street violence, and even assassination attempts. We also discuss how elections in Venezuela are a model for the world to follow, how the country has been the backbone of anti-imperialism for Latin America, and the support from the country’s rural countryside, specifically from Campesinos, who continue to fight for a sovereign and free Venezuela.

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