The Peace Report Just Reached 100,000 Likes on Facebook!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

This is a great milestone for The Peace Report. I started this idea about a year ago (Sept 2016) and we have just reached 100,000 likes! TPR’s videos have over 30 million views and our Patreon page is just now taking off. And I have no plans on stopping.

Chris Smiley is getting more involved with editing videos, creating artwork, and collecting information on moving forward. Matt Hoh is also becoming super active and collecting lots of information for TPR. I have full confidence that TPR is making a difference in the world through our educational videos, creative artwork, and providing quality information for fighting empire.

One step forward that I want TPR to take in 2018 is to begin providing information on organizations for followers to get involved with. The peace movement needs you. The environmental movement needs you. The labor movement needs you. The social justice movement needs you. I have plans to begin doing interviews with organizers on how to get more people involved. I want to highlight their work and provide easy ways for people to start working on critical issues of the day. And I want TPR to lead the way in media production for the anti-war movement, environmental movement, labor movement, and social justice movement.

You all have given me hope. Just a year ago I was struggling with many issues. As a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, my life was in shambles and I had no future to look forward too. Today, I’m full of hope and most importantly, full of love. Thanks again for helping me, the TPR team, and fighting empire. We’re all in the same struggle together, so let’s fight together!

Here’s to another 100,000 likes! Peace everybody!

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