The Trillion Dollar National Security Budget

By William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy.
TomDispatch article, “The Trillion Dollar National Security Budget“.

William Hartung lays out the real budget of the military industrial complex. If every “defense-related” spending is added up, it comes out to $1.09 trillion. That’s just in one year. Hartung breaks it down into 10 categories:

1. Pentagon Budget: $575 billion (2016), $700 (2017)
2. War Budget: $64.6 Billion
3. Department of Energy (nuclear): $20 Billion
4. “Other Defense”: $8 Billion
5. Homeland Security: $50 Billion
6. Military Aid at the State Department: $7 Billion
7. Intelligence: $70 Billion
8. Veterans: $186 billion
9. Military Retirement: $80 Billion
10. Defense Share of the Interest on the Debt: $100 billion

TOTAL: $1,090,000,000,000




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