Change Will Never Come From the Top…


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just won the primary in NYC. She is known to be a “socialist”, whatever that means in today’s age. She ran under an “anti-war” platform, but if you take a look at her website now there is no mention of anything “anti-war”. She has taken it down.
I want to remind people that our society is a system, and systems only change from the bottom-up. We can not rely on these politicians to pass bills for us, let alone speak for us. It has never worked.

Here’s a short example as a veteran.

Veterans are known to receive “benefits” from the government after their “service”. One particular benefit is the G.I. Bill, which I used to get a college education. First, it’s sad that I had to go to war to get an education. Second, the G.I. Bill wasn’t just “given” to veterans and I will never thank the government for these benefits. These benefits were fought for by WW1 veterans. They were called the “Bonus Army”. 

WW1 veterans were promised a financial bonus for fighting in the war. And of course, when they came home the U.S. government failed to pay that bonus. So WW1 veterans organized a massive protest, essentially the original Occupy. They marched on Washigton in 1932, set up tents, and didn’t leave until they were paid.
What happened? Well the active duty troops came in and shot tear gas at them, forcing them to leave violently. Many were injured, and some died. And they still didn’t receive their bonus money. These veterans continued to fight their own government despite being in poverty, sick, and dying. They weren’t paid until 1936, nearly 20 years after the war! Many had already died. 

After WW2, President Roosevelt knew that they couldn’t afford having veterans march on Washington again. So, he passed the G.I. Bill.
This wasn’t just a “gift” from the government. The benefits I receive today are because of the veterans who put their lives on the line, to fight for justice, to fight for the promise the government did not uphold. 
I thank the World War One veterans for my benefits today, not the government. 

This is just one of MANY examples of how change really occurs. They didn’t vote someone into office. They put their lives on the line. Change can ONLY come from the bottom, the poorest of the poor. Until we realize this history, nothing will suffice. Here is a 26 min documentary about the Bonus Army.

-Will Griffin, Iraq and Afghanistan veteran.



Also, Ocasio-Cortez, a former Bernie Sanders campaign organizer, said that she would unequivocally back the 2020 Democratic nominee against President Donald Trump, even if that meant a vote for Hillary Clinton. Ocasio-Cortez has been backed by the Democratic Socialists of America as well as the Justice Democrats. Be very skeptical of these organizations.