Congo Should Be The Richest Country On The Planet, But…

The Democratic Republic of the Congo should be the richest, or at least one of the wealthiest, nations on this planet. But due to outsiders influence, colonialism, slavery, and corruption, the country is torn apart. Over $24 trillion dollars have been discovered in the country’s rich landscape and has been in conflict over these resources for a long time.

Green Revolution?

You know those rich white guys that want to go to space and ‘revolutionize’ the world with electric power? Yeah, Elon Musk and Richard Branson, those types. Let’s just call them the “Space Barons”. These Space Barons are promoting a new world without fossil fuels but also looking into the heavens for space exploration as well as space exploitation. They want to mine the skies, jump on an asteroid, take its resources, and bring them back to Earth.

We’ve heard this story before. The elite classes always promote these endeavors as if it will benefit the people at the bottom of the food chain. It’s never worked out for people like you and me. What these Space Barons won’t tell you is that the resources needed, to both mine the sky as well as have our “Green Revolution”, come from places like the Congo. And guess who’s mining those resources for us in the developed world? Children.

Photo: Boy Boy. (Not real, but real)

Yes, the resources that form our electronic products like cell phones, televisions, computers, and even the rockets to blast humans into space come from places like the Congo and are dug out of the ground through child labor. You won’t see the environmentalists speaking out about this because they are in their own bubble and they takes their orders from the IPCC, which excludes issues like these.

If you think the Middle East has been in trouble in the past 17 years, I’m fearful of what the African continent will be like in the next 17 years. If you are interested in more, the newly formed organization Black Alliance For Peace, has created a 10 year timeline of what the American Empire has been doing in Africa. The empire’s latest regional command, AFRICA-COMMAND or AFRICOM, has only been established for 10 years, but the chaos it has created should not be ignored.

Today, a new documentary trailer is out to expose this “Green Revolution”. The trailer is absolutely captivating.

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