Why the US Really Wants to Cripple Russia

We live in an age of gas and oil, the era of fossil fuels. Coupled with the principles of capitalism, competition to the death is a necessity for capitalistS to survive in their industry. The world has past the era of free competition over 100 years ago. Since then, it’s been imperialism.

A large part of imperialism, a necessary and highest stage of capitalism, requires capitalists (owners of the means of production, like the shareholders and executive officers who own the corporation) to battle each other until the death. Sometimes literally, sometimes symbolically. WW1 and WW2 was all about imperialism where states, the protectors of capitalist interests, fought each other for more resources. Vladimir Lenin described WW1 as a war of:

“a slave-owner who owned 100 slaves warring against a slave-owner who owned 200 slaves for a more “just” distribution of slaves.”

Vladimir Lenin

Make no doubt about it, both the US and Russia in the 21st century are capitalists duking it out on the international arena. Even CNBC has published about this feud. Gas and oil are dominant markets and there can only be one top dawg. And to be top dawg, according to the rules of capitalism, requires cutting your enemy’s throat before they cut yours. How senseless is this real-life game?

Russia remains the largest supplier of natural gas and petroleum oils to the EU. For every barrel of gas and oil sold to Europe is a barrel of gas and oil not sold by the US. Europe consumes a lot of gas and oil, and it’s Russia’s top export.

Cutting the throats of other nations with gas and oil has been a primary strategy of the US. One reason the US invaded Iraq was not to take it oil, but to keep it off of the markets. Today, we see the US trying to topple the Maduro government in Venezuela and replace it with a comprador to give the US access to its oil, or possibly cut them out of the international market. Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world. It was a similar reason with Libya in 2011 and Iran in 1953.

US Energy Information Administration.

Today, the US is the top oil producer in the world. Saudi Arabia, a NATO ally, is the second largest producer while Russia is the third largest producer of oil. Of the top ten oil producing nations in the world, Russia is not an ally of NATO or a large trading partner with the US like China, which is a reason China isn’t on the target list…yet. But China is the largest importer of US oil, which could explain that. Russia, though, stands out as a nation with a ruling class who won’t bow down to the US ruling class.

Two years now we’ve been force-fed anti-Russia-garbage-propaganda. The US government, corporations, and mainstream media have sold the American people every possible myth about Russia except the truth: the battle of markets and profit.

Glen Ford from Black Agenda Report, a highly suggested media outlet, predicted this scenario back in 2014. He predicted this five years ago! The title of the article is “U.S. Prepares to Gas Russia into Submission“. Ford writes:

“The U.S., now number one in oil and gas, is preparing to destroy Russia’s economy. “Washington will move to crush, or at least seriously disrupt, Russia under its ‘sanctions as war by other means’ machine, by targeting its energy exports, while simultaneously boosting the foreign markets for U.S. natural gas.”

Glen Ford (2014)

The US claims that the latest round of sanctions on Russia is “in response to Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine, election interference, malicious cyber-enabled activities, human rights abuses, use of a chemical weapon, weapons proliferation, illicit trade with North Korea, and support to Syria.

Russia never invaded Ukraine. The US supported a coup in Ukraine and is today training fascist organizations throughout the country, creating chaos on Russia eastern border. As I wrote earlier this week, destabilizing borders is America’s business. The particular place Russia “invaded” was Crimea, but they voted to be a part of Russia. 96.77 percent voted in favor of joining Russia with an 83.1 percent voter turn out. Try getting those numbers in any US presidential election!

When it comes to election interference, malicious cyber-enabled activities, human rights abuses, use of chemical weapon and weapons proliferation, the US should sanction itself. The US is literally committed all of these crimes. The US Cyber Command and the CIA conduct cyber attacks all the time. Venezuela’s latest electricity blackout is the latest example. Anyone who looks at the US prison system can spot human rights abuses throughout the country, let alone the police brutality from every police department. The US loves to use chemical weapons, or at least manufacture them and allow its ally Saudi Arabia to actually drop them. And the US spends the largest amount of money on the military than any other country in the world. That money goes to weapons proliferation.

This is a battle of the bourgeoisie, aka the ruling classes, of Russia and the US. Who will die? The working class. Just like any other war, the rich start wars while the poor die in wars. The selling and acquiring of gas and oil markets benefits the ruling classes, not the working class. Russia has a high poverty rate and so does the US. Clearly, the profits of gas and oil aren’t going into the pockets of every day citizens in either country. This is how capitalism works. It’s imperialism. Imperialists fighting each other through words, sanctions, and threats. The working class, on the other hand, are the ones who are expendable.

Without a class analysis, it is nearly impossible to understand the issues of the day. We always have to ask when analyzing any issue: who does this benefit and how does this harm?

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