Unified United States Deported Veterans in Tijuana, Mexico

Isn’t it a sad fact that I am mentioning the reality of the U.S. government deporting U.S. military veterans? People who have sworn an oath to protect the U.S.A., who have honorably served, then have been kicked out of the country. Deported veterans don’t have access to their rightly earned benefits. Deported veterans have to leave their families behind. Some deported veterans don’t even speak the language of the country they’ve been deported to! There is one way back though, legally speaking… Die. That’s right. The U.S. will allow these deported veterans to re-enter the country for a proper U.S. military memorial service only if they’re in a casket. God Bless the U.S. of A.!

I just spent the day with an organization called ‘Unified U.S. Deported Veterans‘ in Tijuana, Mexico.

I came with a fellow member of Veterans For Peace. A few people running for congress in California were visiting too. We all spent time together at the UUSDV office while many of the vets were interviewed. Afterwards,  all of us ate some food at a local taco shop. And we ended the day with a rally at the international border.

This is such a great group of people. I heard stories today about how some deported veterans actually did make it over the border stateside but died shortly after, which is the reason the government allowed them to enter, near death circumstances. One veteran died 12 hours after entering. Another died about a week after entering. Many of these veterans have and will be fighting against this their entire lives. I think we owe it to them to offer our help as much as possible. Here are some ways to do that:
-Follow them on Facebook
-Learn about their issue and their lives, visit them.
-Here’s a candidate for congress supporting deported veterans, Franco For Congress.
-Here’s a candidate for congress supporting deported veterans, Col. Applegate For Congress.
-Donate to UUSDV


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