Black Alliance For Peace (BAP) is running a campaign to expose U.S. imperialism on the African continent and they aim to shut down AFRICOM.

AFRICOM, short for AFRICA COMMAND, is one of ten combatant commands managed by the Pentagon. The Pentagon feels it has the right, or should we say Manifest Destiny, to divide the world up into regional commands in which they control military operations. Since the establishment of AFRICOM in 2008, there has been a 2,000 percent increase of U.S. military presence and operations on the continent. Although the combatant command was established in 2008, the US military and CIA have long been conducting operations in Africa for decades, plotting countless coup d’etat, overthrows, interventions, rigging elections, and exploiting the working class.

Here I speak with a member of BAP, Netfa Freeman, who breaks down the U.S. military presence on on the continent and explains the importance of the U.S. Out of Africa campaign:


Be sure to visit BAP’s website to learn more and get involved:

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