Response to Trump’s “New” Africa Strategy w/ Netfa Freeman

National Security Advisor John Bolton recently announced the Trump administration’s new Africa strategy at the Heritage Foundation, a highly influential Washington D.C.-based think tank. The history of colonialism, imperialism, and the recent rise of a large U.S. military presence with increased Chinese investment on the continent highlights the importance of this new scramble for Africa.

Bolton announced this new strategy with a particular focus on 3 core U.S. interests in mind (the following are his words):

  1. Advancing U.S. trade and commercial with nations across the region to the benefit of both the United States and Africa.
  2. Countering the threat from radical Islamic terrorism and violent conflict.
  3. Ensure that U.S. taxpayer dollars for aid are used efficiently and effectively. The United States will no longer indiscriminately provide assistance across the entire continent without focus or prioritization… Under our new Africa strategy, we will target U.S. funding towards key countries and particular strategic objectives.

Africa has a very long history of U.S. coups and attempts, assassinations and attempts, overthrown governments, subversion, intervention, and war. Africa should be the wealthiest continent in the world with its vast amount of resources but due to foreigner domination and imperialism, it today is the poorest continent in the world.

This week, Netfa Freeman joins us to address this so-called “new” Africa strategy. Mr. Freeman responds to each of the 3 points stated by Bolton, the history of U.S. interventions, why Africa is left out of the spotlight when speaking about U.S. imperialism, and where people can go to learn more about current issues on the continent. He is a member of the coordinating committee of Black Alliance For Peace and he is an analyst with the Institute for Policy Studies. You can follow him on Twitter at @Netfafree.

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