Students of Okinawa Have Been Evacuated 671 Times in 2018 Due to US Military Aircraft

Due the to the negligence of the US military exercises on the island of Okinawa, students have had to be evacuated 671 since the beginning of 2018. With past accidents recently where military aircraft parts (windows and such) have literally fallen from the sky onto school grounds, students have been on guard all year round. The US military constantly fliesĀ  aircraft over civilian grounds, which include many schools and universities, ultimately endangering the lives of Okinawans.


Students at school near US base in Okinawa forced to evacuate 455 times in first term:

20-pound US helicopter window falls off mid-flight, injuring child in Okinawa:

Osprey Loses 30-pound Aircraft Part Off Coast of Okinawa:

Japan seeks more details after Okinawa-based F-15 dropped antenna:

On Okinawa, locals want U.S. troops to leave (PBS):

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