More Republicans Support Peace in Korea (POLL)

In a recent poll, more Republicans support negotiating a peace agreement between North Korea and the United States than Democrats or Independents.

The poll, conducted by Data for Progress and YouGov, shows that 67 percent of Americans across political affiliations support negotiating a peace agreement with North Korea. Support is highest among Republicans (76%), followed by Independents/Others (64%) and Democrats (63%).

The survey is based on 1,009 interviews of self-identified registered voters, conducted by YouGov on the internet. Overall, only 15 percent oppose a peace agreement with North Korea, and 18 percent are unsure.

“This is a wake-up call to this and future administrations that Americans won’t stand for the status quo, which will only further fuel hostilities and the threat of nuclear war,” said Christine Ahn, executive director of Women Cross DMZ. “This poll reflects what we’ve long been saying: Peace is the most important step toward denuclearization.

Why is it that Republicans, a party whose constituency is known to be reactionary and supports most hostile policies, would want peace in Korea more than the Democrats? The poll hints at the fact that party followers are more likely to just follow what leaders say rather than think critically about any issue. President Trump has pushed the idea of peace in Korea more than any other president in history.

Trump has promoted negotiation talks with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, albeit bi-polar at some times. He has been somewhat consistent is criticizing US foreign policy, reminding the US public about the massive spending to patrol the world. Ending the Korean War would be a great start to ending the age of endless war as well as gaining momentum for the 2020 elections.

After 70 years of the Korean War, which has never officially ended, Korean-Americans would most likely want to keep Trump in office. After all, President Trump is the first and only US president to step over the DMZ into North Korean territory. The Korean people want the war to end more than anything right now, even if that means keeping Trump in office for another four years.

News of the poll will be warmly received in South Korea, where 8 in 10 support an end to the Korean War, says South Korean feminist leader Mimi Han, vice president of World YWCA. “Through this poll, the American people are reflecting the wishes of its ally South Korea,” she said. “Seventy years is enough. It’s time to end the Korean War.”

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