WEBINAR: Averting War with North Korea


Friday, October 6, 2017 4 pm EST1 pm PT10 am Hawaii
Averting War with North Korea.

Veteran journalist Tim Shorrock and Christine Ahn of Women Cross DMZ will trace the historical roots of the conflict between the US and DPRK, how we’ve arrived at this dangerous brink of war, and what the US peace movement must do to avert war with North Korea.



Friday, October 13, 4 pm EST
Sanctions Against North Korea: The Facts

Dr. Kevin Gray, University of Sussex Professor and Visiting Scholar at Woodrow Wilson Center, will provide an overview on US and UN Security Council sanctions against North Korea. Dr. Gray will break down what impacts they do and don’t have, and their counterproductive effects.


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National Mobilization To Stop Trump War on North Korea (PDF)