As Climate Change Intensifies Natural Disasters, We Need Stronger Buildings.

Did you know there are homes already invented to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes, and even bullets? It’s called the monolithic dome home. And these are the types of home we are going to need in a future where natural disasters will become a monthly event.

Dome homes are made to withstand the worst natural disasters, yet hardly anyone knows about them. I personally think they are the coolest homes. If many natural disaster events, you can just stay home instead of driving 5 hours away, spending hundreds of dollars on gas and hotels fees. They can even save you from a shooting drive-by! Check out this video from the Monolithic Dome Institute who test a dome home by shooting at it. No, the bullets don’t go through!

Dome homes may seem simplistic, but there are many different designs. Just check some of these out:

Dome shaped buildings can also be used for schools, offices, and any type of communal building:

We need 21st century thinking to solve 21st century problems. I know this doesn’t actually solve the issue of climate change, but this would save so many lives while we do attempt to solve climate change. And natural disaster will forever be an issue here on planet Earth and these dome homes could be one way to help people. But all the resources needed to help people are going to the “defense” industry.

Learn more about dome homes at

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