Comedy for the Antiwar Movement

With every movement there is a necessity for art. In the peace and antiwar movement here in the U.S., there is a lack of artists who really push back against the norms of our culture which is based on militarism. Antiwar Comedy Shorts strikes at the heart of empire; challenging our deepest beliefs, policies, and social norms of accepting endless war in the 21st century.

Jonny Lewis is the writer, director, and screenwriter of a comedy series which protests a deeply disturbing social norm that is both invisible and present everywhere. The U.S. has been in direct wars and interventions for 17 plus straight years, yet most Americans are oblivious about these foreign policies. Militarism, which holds military ideals to the highest level without question, has taken over our culture but seems to be imperceptible. But Lewis is fighting back by using a field of art, comedy, to highlight the invisible: endless war.

Antiwar Comedy Shorts isn’t just another banality of antiwar protest. It exposes the dirtiest aspects of American culture: we send our kids off to wars for corporations to profit, we pay half our taxes to weapons corporations who kill innocent civilians, and we blindly follow society’s orders even if it meant walking off of a cliff.

It is a difficult task to speak about the horrors of war to anyone. In a culture of militarism, it’s especially difficult to discuss anything about the U.S. military and its policies. But comedy might be the way to reach people and educate them on shameful social norms that are present everywhere yet are blind to our eyes.

In the following interview, I discuss these ideas and more with the creator of Antiwar Comedy Shorts, Jonny Lewis.

Watch Antiwar Comedy Shorts here:

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