Chinese Communist Party is now enemy number one of NATO

On Nov 20, 2019 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced at a meeting of NATO ministers in Brussels that the Chinese Communist Party is the number one enemy of NATO. This announcement is paving a new road for NATO, to now expand their missions into the far east.

“Our alliance must address the current and potential long-term threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party”

Pompeo briefly spoke about the history of NATO being established in 1949, unaware at that time of the “Chinese threat”, and how NATO “won” the Cold War in 1989 “protecting freedom, preserving freedom, creating freedom.” He went on to say,

Thirty years later, we again face threats from authoritarian regimes, and again we must face them together. Russia, China, Iran – their value systems are simply very different from ours.

Pompeo confirmed the 30th NATO member, North Macedonia, exemplifying the expansion of NATO since 1949 when it begin with only 12 states. NATO originally began as a force to combat the socialist world in the Cold War, which ended in 1989. It then justified its continued existence and expansion for “humanitarian interventions”. President Bill Clinton promised Russia that NATO would not expand “one inch to the east”. Today, NATO is expanding into the far east.

Pompeo thanked the NATO members for adding an additional $100 billion in “defense” spending by the end of 2020. He stressed the importance of developing “modern capabilities like next generation fighter aircraft, heavier infantry and improved intelligence assets.” This means the continued weapons manufacturing, increasing combat units and expanding the global surveillance apparatus.

In 2012 under the Obama administration, the Pivot to East Asia strategy was announced. It included “strengthening bilateral security alliances; deepening our working relationships with emerging powers, including with China; engaging with regional multilateral institutions; expanding trade and investment; forging a broad-based military presence; and advancing democracy and human rights.” Or so they say it was. But the point is that is wasn’t as outright and bold as today’s strategy from the US.

Today, the Trump administration is pointing NATO directly at the Chinese Communist Party with full intent of starting a new Cold War, possibly a hot one. China’s economy is growing at a faster pace than the US, soon to be the largest economy in the world. The US ruling class clearly sees this as a threat to their wealth and power, so according to them it must be stopped at all costs.

China is not a socialist country. Just because it claims the name communism and is structured differently than most imperialist states doesn’t mean it is a socialist country. This is a huge disagreement among leftists around the world. But China has billionaires, corporations and exploits its own people including people around the world. It sell weapons to fascists regimes like Duterte in the Philippines. It exports its capital across the globe. It walks and talks like an imperialist, just not as violent as the western imperialists. Socialist nations are not imperialist, China is.

With the Trump administration’s frank announcement, the contradictions among imperialist powers are sharpening. Powerful groups are again fighting for resources and control of the world. The last few times this happened the planet ended up with two world wars. What will a new imperialist competition be like in the 21st century?

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