Afghanistan Veteran Explains Real Reason Behind the War

After 18 years of the US war in Afghanistan, do we really understand the reasons behind it? We know that it has backfired and terrorism has spread and grown around the world. We know the US is losing the war because the Taliban now control more territory than they ever have since 2001. We know more civilians have died from US bombs than enemy combatants. But when asking organizers in the US peace movement, I receive a myriad of answers. Anything from theories of Israel secreting planning the 9/11 attacks or it was just a bad decision. Very few understand the real reasons behind the war.

I am a veteran of the war who was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 when President Barrack Obama announced the surge, ultimately deploying more troops, dropping more bombs, and wasting more taxpayer dollars on a failed effort that resulted in more civilians dying. We ARE STILL FIGHTING THERE!

I’d like to give my perspective on why the US initially invaded the sovereign nation who had very little to do with the 9/11 attacks.

Real Reasons for the US War in Afghanistan

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