Military Air Show? More Like a War Show

Anti-war activists and members of Veterans For Peace are protesting the Great State of Maine Air Show put on by the US Navy. The annual “air show” is put on every year in August at Brunswick, Maine and attracts over 100,000 people.

Veterans For Peace Maine Chapter protesting the Air Show.

The local news channel WGME covered the protest. It stated:

The protest was put on by the organization Veterans for Peace. Protesters carried signs such as “Bring our war money home” and “Air show? War show.”

“It shows the extent of the propaganda that the Government uses to essentially brainwash the American people into this false notion that our war machine is about freedom and democracy. But in fact, it has nothing to do with that at all,” said Bruce Gagnon, a member of Veterans for Peace.

One of the Veterans For Peace members who attended the protest, Bruce Gagnon, wrote in his blog:

“I told people who stopped to talk that while we have to listen to this racket for just a weekend, people living near US bases in Okinawa and South Korea (or many other places around the globe) have to listen to these ear-splitting war planes every day.  Then in war zones like Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen they not only get the noise but also the bombs dropped.

Our flyer promoting our protest on Saturday at former Navy air base in Brunswick reads “Real Angels Don’t Drop Bombs”.  We got some good responses but also had some hecklers shout at us as well.  Many people’s minds have been colonized by the US endless war machine – they’ve swallowed the propaganda that says the ‘exceptional’ US military is protecting us here at home.”

These protests are a cognitive dissonance in the minds of average Americans who mindless consume the junk we hear from politicians and defense contractors. They say things like, the US military is protecting our freedoms and spreading democracy. Is it really that simple? With more veterans committing suicide than dying in actual wars. With more civilians dying then combatants. With more resources put into destroying our environment. Our minds have been colonized. It reminds me of what George Orwell said in his famous 1984 book, “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

My friend and filmmaker, Regis Tremblay, posted a short video of the Blue Angels flying above in Maine. Just listen to the screaming noises of these death machines.

10 percent of Blue Angel pilots die. 

Posted by Regis Tremblay on Friday, August 25, 2017


One the other side of the country, the San Diego Veterans For Peace chapter has started a 5 year campaign with the aim of shutting down the Miramar Air Show. Friends of mine from the SDVFP chapter made a short documentary highlighting the disgusting methods in which the military is recruiting our kids. These air shows aren’t simply ways for showing America’s might. They are down-right recruitment tactics to get our young adults to join the military and die for defense corporations. Just take a look at these 10 year old kids standing behind military assault rifles and machine guns.

End all the damn air shows. Save that money and create jobs. Create a decent health-care system. Give education to people who want it. Do something else besides more killing!