Where are all the “Young People” who oppose MILITARISM and CORPORATE WELFARE in Maine?

Many of the antiwar and peace activists in Bath, Maine (and nearby) have been challenging General Dynamic’s request for a $60 million tax break. But from the coverage I see online, I’ve noticed retiree’s and senior citizens are the only people standing for justice against this tax break for the rich. Has the millennial generation forgotten that war and militarism is ONLY an option, not a necessity?

So I can only come to one of two conclusions:
1. Maybe there aren’t any people under 40 years old in Maine?
2. Or everyone under 40 loves giving corporations tax breaks while they are enslaved in this military-industrial complex political-economy?

I am seriously disappointed in my generation for not recognizing where violence begins: foreign policy. Where do you think racism came from? Maybe from America’s history of Manifest Destiny, how this “united under god” country expanded west in North America wiping out all those dirty little ‘savages’ to make America great? Where do you think your local police departments get all that military-grade equipment to shoot young black boys in the back as they run for their safety? Why do you think our generation is in debt up to our neck (actually drowning at this point) just to get a decent job to pay rent? How come many of us are suffering from no health-care or outrageously expensive health-care? Do you even think we’ll have social security when (if) we retire? Well, we are being tricked into a system that enslaves our future and colonizes our minds. How so? Well, the Pentagon says weapons and bombs should always be the first option for any solution.

Don’t worry. My mind was once colonized too. I was a paratrooper in the U.S. Army and spent over 2 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was born on military base overseas. Both my parents were in the military. My whole life was a patriotic duty to America. And that all changed after 5 years in the military. But now I have awakened myself through asking tough questions:
-What did I just participate it?
-Was I lied to by my own government?
-Why are more innocent people dying than enemy combatants?
-Why the fuck are we in Niger?!
But thankfully there has been a movement against such power structures like the military-industrial complex and they’ve been fighting these oppressive systems for decades, and even hundreds of years in many aspects. All I did was listen to them. It changed my life forever.

The lack of young people standing for justice and against militarism is nerve-racking. I understand we don’t have many options in life and the military is one of the only offers for us. But you have to understand that 17 years of war, the largest military budget in human history, and the modern-day 21st century empire (U.S.A.) is killing us all. Yes, the bombs kill innocent Iraqis, Afghans, and more. But the budget is killing far more people.

Think of all those preventative deaths that could be been avoided if we just spent a few bucks on clean water infrastructure. How about providing food for people because this laissez-faire economic system is NOT providing for everyone. I’ll tell you who its providing for: the shareholders of General Dynamics.



Here’s a good discussion on why locals are opposing GD’s tax break request: 

Here’s a short video of Bruce Gagnon on day 13 of his hunger strike against this call: 

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