Why is America Finally Talking About Peace in Korea Now?

After over 6 decades since the Korean War, why is America speaking with North Korea about peace? The Demilitarized Zone, or the DMZ, is actually the most militarized zone in the world. For over 60 years the Korean Peninsula has been continually militarized where the United States of America has been conducting some of the largest military training exercises, or ‘war games’, in the world while carrying out provocative operations like the ‘nuclear bomb dropping drills’ on North Korea’s border. But why all of a sudden is America even mentioning the word ‘peace’ when it comes to this area of the world?

On TPR we break down some of the narratives being put out about why peace is being mentioned. After providing the different perspectives being thrown at the American public, you can choose which one you think explains the real reason why North Korea and America are talking about peace.




If you want a further analysis, please watch this collaboration video with The Peace Report and ZoominKorea, an online resource for critical news and analysis of the Korean Peninsula: