Veteran Suicides Explained (part 1)

Someone messaged me on The Peace Report Facebook page and requested that I make a video about suicides in the military. He told me that his brother was in the Navy and took his own life. Afterwords, the Navy tried to cover up the suicide. I’m not sure of the details, but I felt compelled to make a video about suicides.

After digging for weeks through all the reports and data collected over the past several years, I thought it would be best to make a two-part series. This first part will explain the numbers and rates on suicides of military members, veterans, and civilians. The second part will focus on what the military is doing in response to these numbers, which is quite frankly horrific, shocking, and sad. I hope for the second part to be finished in a week or so.

The data is a load of information, so I narrowed it down to what I thought was the most significant.

The data collected came from three main sources for military, veteran, and civilian suicides. Of course, I collected data from much more but these are the main sources from the most up-to-date year, 2014: