The Defense Industry Stock Market Just Plummeted

Since the Korean Peace deal was announced, weapons manufacturers have been losing money. America’s five largest “defense” companies lost over $10 billion on just Friday alone. Here’s a short list companies and numbers:

Lockheed Martin: -2.5%
Northrop Grumman: -3.4%
General Dynamics: -3.8%
Raytheon: -3.6%
Boeing: -1%

No one else is talking about this, certainly no msm outlets.



Here’s a snapshot of a google search on a cellular phone taken at 8 pm on Apr-28.


This really shows how creating weapons to kill humans is incentivized and rewarded with wealth and power. The weapons companies, think tanks, military officials, politicians, and bankers all come together to create the military-industrial complex. We already have leaked audio recordings of the CEO of Lockheed Martin talking about how the shareholders profit directly because of “volatility” in other regions in the world. Now, with the Korean Peace deal being announced and the leaders of both Koreas meeting to discuss denuclearization of the entire peninsula the weapons manufacturers are losing money as a direct result. It couldn’t be any clearer. Let’s just hope these people put their money into something else, say, sustainable technologies to help us combat climate change. That is the real fight. And little places like Bath, Maine are showing us how to do that. They want to convert Bath Iron Works, a Navy warship manufacturing plant, to manufacturing sustainable tech, renewable energy sources, or even new public transportation systems.

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