Report to members of Veterans For Peace (Hawaii False Alarm)

Emergency Report

To: ALL Veterans for Peace members and ALL active-duty military


The false report of an impending missile attack on Hawaii that was circulated on Saturday, January 13, will be seen by future generations as the true crossing of the Rubicon in the decaying system known as the Federal Government. The risks for the citizens of the United States, and of the entire Earth, could not be higher. Do not be deceived by the present calm. This is precisely the sort of false pretense of normality that we experienced in the months before the unleashing of the First World War, a conflict that no one wanted, or anticipated, and that killed more than 20 million. This time, however, the risks are exponentially higher.

Let us first recognize the Hawaii report for what it is: a blatant attempt to intimidate the citizens of the United States itself with the threat of a possible nuclear war. This threat most clearly did not come from North Korea, or Iran, or from Russia, but rather came from within the corrupt and decadent system itself. We do not have to go into the mountains of Afghanistan to find the enemy now. In fact, we do not even need to go beyond the beltway.

This point is driven home by the deliberate tardy rescinding of the alert that left over a million people to ponder their fate for more than half an hour.

And what if this mistake had been made within the military command? We need to assume that such a step will be next one in this reckless acceleration of the threat of nuclear war within the US.

Swift and decisive action is demanded of us right now.

What does that mean?

For the sake of national security, and the future of humanity, we must immediately impound and deactivate all nuclear weapons deployed by the United States military, both on American territory, and deployed around the world.

The stakes are too high to risk having a rogue group, such as those who circulated this false note, force the United States into some sort of war without any due process.

Moreover, the nuclear weapons of the United States must remain deactivated until the entire nuclear weapons program of the United States is subject to a complete third-party review, including auditing and an assessment of the effectiveness of the program.

An end to the automation of defense systems is also imperative, to make sure that there are qualified and ethical individuals at every step who authorize any dangerous actions.

There are many experts who believe that the United States is obligated by the Non-Proliferation Treaty to destroy these dangerous weapons. Although an objective and transparent debate on this issue is essential, the legal argument for such a move is formidable and should be taken seriously.

There have been all too many of the educated class who think that somehow the high risk work should be done by someone else and that they can just check out, enjoy a nice vacation in Aspen, or sip a café latte, and leave it to others to solve this mounting security crisis for them. Those days are over. The risks must be owned by all of us.


Emanuel Pastreich
The Asia Institute

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