Plutocracy IV: Gangters for Capitalism

Filmmaker Scott Noble of Metanoia-Films has just released the 4th part in the 6-part series called Plutocracy: Political Repression in the U.S.A.

Scott’s films has had by far the most impact on me and my own filmmaking. His earlier films, which I recommend all of them, have changed my life and helped me develop into a critical-thinking-always-skeptical-activist. And today I do both: organize and film.

One of the first things that caught my eye about Metanoia Films is that all the documentaries are sourced. Each film has a list of sources that influenced it. Plutocracy has 33 sources. That’s a lot of information to back up every claim, challenge, and question presented in all films. And that’s a lot of work: studying, sourcing, writing the transcript, filming, finding film, etc. You get the point.

How much does it cost to watch these films? $0.00

Metanoia-Films just asks for donations. You can watch 7 full films (some films are a multi-part series like Plutocracy). All in high-definition with great quality interviews of so many important voices that we all need to listen several times over. The topics these films cover are crucial especially in these times of extreme plutocratic rule with apocalyptic possibilities.

After watching the Plutocracy series so far, it has certainly showed me parts of American history that was unknown to me. This series really outlines the nation-long class struggle of the U.S. and its impacts and sacrifices, giving me a better understanding of where we are today. And with that knowledge, I am better prepared to move forward. Metanoia-Films have helped me understand the real history of political repression in U.S.A.

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