My Own Prison

By Ryan Keen


Flying into a foreign land,

I heard there will be alot of sand.

So young and naïve,

Oblivious to deceit.

The “Cradle of Civilization” is looking for liberation,

They keep saying we will rebuild a nation.

But was that lost in translation?

Can you be truly satisfied while being occupied?

Young, dumb and full of pride,

Twenty years old drank too much fluoride.

Spoon fed propaganda from the start of school,

Force fed lies just like a fool.

Indoctrination is so cool,

When eyes are covered with plenty of wool.

Cover your ass, but not your conscious,

No accountability, creating justified lies.

Deniable culpability,

How our government hides.

Domination through dehumanization is intoxicating,

Absolute control through intimidation is exhilarating.

Depersonalization, degradation and demoralization with no hesitation.

These are just some of the things I can provide,

With the circumstances I am supplied.

Temptation is too great,

I think it’s too late,

No turning back,

I have sealed my fate,

Moral mutation, I think it’s too late,

Evil transformation, I have sealed my fate,

I think it’s too late…

I think it’s too late…

Suddenly the wool was removed from my eyes,

Now propaganda I truly despise.

Deceived and tricked,

I’ve met my demise.

Condemnation is my realization,

Medication, irritation, rumination and isolation

Followed by self mutilation is just a start,

What happened to me?

I thought I had a good heart.

Welcome to my own prison,

Where shame and anger occupy,

Welcome to my own prison,

Say hello to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Welcome to my own prison,

Enjoy the ride, it’s a one way trip.

Welcome to my own prison,

Jim Jones wants to know if you want a sip?

Avoid or be destroyed.

Paranoia fills my void.

I think it’s too late,

I have sealed my fate,

Now I’m filled with soul eating hate.

Welcome to my own prison.


Ryan Keen, stay at home dad, Ohio Army National Guard veteran (2002-2008), Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran (OIF III from Jan 2005 til Dec 2005 at Camp Cropper in Baghdad), proud member of About Face : Veterans Against the War.

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