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Space Alert! is the educational publication of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.


Article Title Highlights:

Jeju Island Becoming U.S.-NATO Navy Base?. Choi Sung-Hee.

The Deadly Connections: From Bath to Jeju & Beyond. Bruce Gagnon.

GN’s 26th annual space conference at Croughton. Global Network.

Deterioration of the US-Russian Relationship. Alice Slater.

Melman & the Alternative to Endless Warfare Society. Jonathan Michael Feldman.

Aegis Ashore in Japan: Provocative Arm of MD. Atsushi Fujioka.

US-NATO Militarizing Scandinavia. Terje Maloy.

We must demilitarize to decarbonize. Tamara Lorincz.

Navy Weapons Testing in the Deep: Harm or Harmony?. Katherine Muzik.

Space Nuclear Disaster Waiting to Happen. Linda Pentz Gunter.

Women’s Forum on Peace & Security in Korea. Vancouver Women’s Forum.

India’s Role in Nuclear & Space Weapons Development. J. Narayana Rao.

Judge Dismisses Aegis 9 Charges. Bruce Gagnon.


Space Alert! Winter/Spring 2018 Issue.

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