Dumbing Down America

Jack Doxey
Veterans For Peace, San Diego, Chapter
March 2018

In his book “Empire of the Illusion”, Christopher Hedges clearly and convincingly, argues that American citizens now live in a society that consistently works at dumbing down America. He says:

“This culture of illusion thrives by robbing us of the intellectual and linguistic tools to separate illusion from truth. It reduces us to the level of children.”

The author goes on to state:

“Our televisions are turned on for 6 hrs and 47 minutes a day in the average household. The average American watches, daily, more than 4 hours of television”

Our government and our society, in general, encourage this type of behavior for a reason. They want the American public to be distracted in the pursuit of trivia, which in turn, enables our government to freely go about carrying out their agenda. Unfortunately, the government’s agenda, more often than not, turns out to be contrary to the best interests of its citizens. For example, more than 40% of all taxes collected are earmarked for activities related to war.

What will be the negative consequences of having an uninformed citizenry? It is already happening. The richest 400 families in the United States have a greater net worth than the bottom one half of the population. Put another way, approximately 150 million people, combined, have less net worth than the 400 richest families in the United States. For me, personally, this is a staggering statistic that I find hard to wrap my mind around and it didn’t happen by accident.

Unfortunately, many people seldom enter into critical thinking and instead spend a great deal of time watching sports and reality shows on televion. This, almost total lack of intellectual curiosity, will result in our liberties being, slowly but surely, taken away from us. Intelligence and ignorance are not the same. Most people are reasonably intelligent but, at the same time, they can be ignorant. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge and apparently, in many cases, no desire to seek knowledge.

Our government, for the most part, has an agenda that does not include the interests of the American people. The Veterans For Peace has tasked itself with the responsibility to inform the general public about the true cost of war. The Unites States constantly wages illegal wars against other countries but in particular innocent citizens.

This past week, the local chapter of Veterans For Peace held three public forums to inform the American public on the My Lai Massacre which occurred 50 years ago on March 16th 1968.in the tiny village of My Lai. in Vietnam. American soldiers murdered 504 men, women, children, infants and old men. None were combatants. All were innocent civilians.

Many attendees said that they were totally unaware of this event. The Veterans For Peace wants not only to inform the public of our countries illegal war like activities but encourage them to become active

Almost all solutions, by necessity, must be accomplished by the people from the bottom up. As a matter of fact almost all important change happened with the dissent of a few people. Margaret Mead, a renowned anthropologist, had this to say:

“Never doubt the effectiveness of a few people dedicated to a cause in making important change. As a matter of fact it is the only way that true change has ever occurred”.


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