This is not a standard VFP message.  We are most fortunate to live in San Diego and have not only the best weather in the World, and all the other amenities that our area provides, but additionally have some of the best medical care available.  We as veterans are fortunate to have a mostly reliable VA medical facilities as part of out benefits.

What I am writing to you today about concerns a wake up call I had several days ago and how this incident might in the future be important to you.  I will begin by stating, according to me and my physicians, that I am fine.

I consider myself in reasonably good health – biking, hiking, swimming, walking, thinking. While doing some extreme gardening, I experienced an intense chest pressure with mild  radiation to my arms lasting about 20 minutes.  I waited until it calmed down.  Went on line.  Chest pressure. Chief sign of a heart attack.  I had my daughter drive me to the Scripps Encinitas emergency facility, said I believed I was having a heart attack.  They immediately took me in, set me up with the latest paraphernalia, and I was soon admitted.  I was no longer in any extremis, feeling good and was stable.  Next day I had an echocardiogram and then had a stent positioned in one of my coronary arteries which was 99% occluded.  Everything went fine and I was discharged the next day.  Basically,  within 48 hours I was back home.  Several days later, my cardiologist explained that by catching  these signs quickly, our health system was able to treat me successfully and my heart muscle had sustained little to no damage and I am set for an additional many years.

The reason I am relating this is not that I need any sympathy whatever, I am fine.  My purpose is for all of us to understand the signs of a potential heart attack and to act quickly and appropriately.  May not only save your life, but with the prompt care continue to provide you with a continuing great and healthy life experience.

I also again thought of how fortunate we are to have available such excellent medical care and how this should be universally available.  The welfare of civilization should be the number one priority of governments.  Dollars for the military as opposed to not providing funding for health care and research are anti-citizenary expenditures and are immoral.  The welfare of the populace is ultimate.  We should spread this message globally – and that’s why I am a member of the Veterans’ For Peace.

-Ed Fox, VFP San Diego Hugh Thompson Memorial Chapter 91

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