Space Alert! A Newsletter for the Anti-War Activists (in Space)

The organization Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space prints a bi-annual newsletter to keep people engaged with keeping space for peace. The Global Network has been working to prevent the arms race from reaching outer space as well as informing citizens around the world about the dangers of militarizing the heavens above since 1992.

This newsletter has been printed for several years and provides an important perspective about the issues surrounding outer space. In this recent newsletter, topics cover a wide range of issues: synopsis of this years annual Global Network conference, space-related issues in Eastern Europe, the demonizing of Russia, current work done by peace organizations in Europe against NATO, a fleet review in Jeju Island, South Korea, Congress and the new space-based missile defense system, and much more.

The Global Network provides these newsletter free, available online in PDF form but they will also send you free print copies for yourself and others in your community. Although these newsletters are free, please consider donating to the organization so they can continue to fight for us to keep space for peace. Their work is becoming more important as the Pentagon and other countries around the world continue to advance into outer space.